The Inmates – John Cowper Powys


This 1952 novel is the start of my next RTRcausal – a book that begins with you having to be ‘Certified’ to read its first chapter entitled ‘Certified’ where John Hush is himself ‘Certified’ and is admitted to an institution called Glint Hall run by Doctor Echetus, a cross between Poe’s Tarr & Fether, I guess, and Aickman’s ‘Hospice’ with doll-fetishisms and dog-inmates2pearls and Thomas Mann’s ‘Berghof’ with a Tamia rather than a Clavdia, whereby we are taken into a world madder than ‘Finnegans Wake’, with other patients called Squeeze and Cuddle and so forth … cross-sectioning modern-literature’s todash doors of Dark Tower Stephen-Kingisms – and more… I cannot vouch for myself retaining any reviewer’s sanity enough to cope with this read… but we seem a million miles away from my recent reading of the same author’s ‘The Glastonbury Romance’…

Into The Wood … The dog-pit … “and a dog’s eyes answered his stare with a look of such unutterable loneliness…”


This Real-time Review starts HERE.

Alternatively this review can be found in two parts here:

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