Go Back At Once

A Masterpiece by Robert Aickman. One that ends with a vision of HOPE.


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Ode on a Grecian Urn – John Keats

6D488A4F-C829-4802-B4FD-ECA01A6A4433 Ekphrastic, as ekphrasis covers three dimensional art as well as flat art.
Ode and Urn. The art of the curved meaning, the art that this urn has earned or owed.
Its art is one of permanence amid silence.
Beyond man’s transience.
Music untouched by time, as a single held note of silence?
Letting go of the self, becoming a receptor; imagination transcending the poet’s intentionality.
Poet as controlling vehicle but not controlling it consciously himself.
But ultimately mysterious.
Truth as Beauty amid the spiritual as now turned into a fleshy  ‘ecstasy’ in our times of Fake News! The only eternity that the urn has  owed or earned?
It is only mortal love that becomes human passion, a passion that is soon parched, but the love depicted as frozen on the urn lasts forever. And those depicted on the urn will never return to where they live. As it is the urn that has earned and owned their existence?
Mysterious with many meanings, even beyond the poet’s intention?
Truth is both negative and positive, the Beauty of its ambiguity.

Ode on or to or even by a Grecian Urn.

a vigil of black stars

a homage to paysage d’hiver


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As well as several artists and photographers to be listed later, this book contains fiction and poetic works  by Georg Trakl, William Blake, Antonio Espinosa, Josh Kim, Christina Rossetti, Walter de la Mare, Forrest Aguirre, Edgar Allan Poe, Anonymous, Leo Pekas, Stefan George, Roope Sillanpää, Elijah Tamu, Johan Nillsson, Bliss Carman, Benjamin Tweddell, Rhys Hughes, Julian Bruns, Alcebiades Diniz Miguel, Johann von Goethe, Anders Patrick Segerberg, The Specter, Rainer Maria Rilke, Nychts, Eino Leino, Kulttimaa, Robert Frost, Tomas Robertson, The True Meduson, D.P. Watt, Martin van Valkenstijn.

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