Patchwork Dreams (a fiction)

There are so many dreams for us to dream, before one can hope to compile the one and only dream. Any person’s dreams are merely patchwork dreams towards such an aim of universal dream, a potential shared dream, a collaborative dream, a collusive dream, indeed a co-vivid dream woven from rough drafts of dream. And when each of us wake, we should compare notes, fabricate truths from these dreams as creative fictions, and thus judge where one’s most recent dream has taken all our dreams.
“Ah, yes,” said one of us, “my latest dream fits here. You can see the ends of its stitches match the stitches here, a patchwork of loose ends, once lost, now finding their mates.”
Another of us looked quizzically at the speaker and announced she surely could not discern any picture emerging, a portrait, for example, as painted by a Vermeer or Monet or Van Gogh, true to such artists’ styles but never seen before … until now.
Yet another of us — it might even have been myself — wondered whether our patchwork dreams could ever cease to be thus endemically patchy.
We must allow the dream gestalt to escape its lair, because patchwork dreams otherwise fail to blend towards a worthy item of fine art to hang on the wall of sleep. But then we wonder whether the truth will eventually dawn on us that none of us really exist as separate people so as to allow our patchwork dreams to trigger a panoply of beauty’s youth and truth within the ultimate tapestry that shall now evolve before us like a shimmering shroud.

Quandary of Connection

A complete alphabetical list of my aimage-collages devoted to most of the living fictioneers for whom I have real-time reviewed more than just a handful of their stories.
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