Shadows and Tall Trees, Vol. 7

An Anthology (around 300 pages) edited by Michael Kelly

Undertow Publications 2017

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Stories by Brian Evenson, M. Rickert, V.H. Leslie, Rosalie Parker, Conrad Williams, Manish Melwani, Simon Strantzas, Steve Rasnic Tem, Robert Shearman, Malcolm Devlin, Robert Levy, Charles Wilkinson, Alison Moore, Rebecca Kuder, Christopher Slatsky, Laura Mauro, Michael Wehunt, Harmony Neal, Nicholas Royle.

Cameradora’s Box

‎#DitchBrexit, not as a win for pro EU enthusiasts, or a lose for Brexiteers, but as a sweeping clean of the half-baked referendum and starting again, learning the lessons on both sides.

Everyone is wrong. On both sides, particularly Cameron for opening this Pandora’s Box. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Ditch Brexit, and let this Election be about other issues. Otherwise, we shall end up with a severely divided nation, coping with what even the Brexiteers sometimes see in their darkest moments as inadmissible nightmares?

Abrexit, Abraxas.