An extract from my real-time review HERE.

iz246dTriolet – Jess Hyslop
‘Good morning, Mr and Mrs Lewis!’ she says, and her face goes all over wrinkles as she smiles.”

A beautifully original concept for a story that I will not give away here, other than to say it skilfully blends an ordinary suburban reality with the poetically fey and plant-like. A Hardy perennial of changing emotions and relationships. Something Elizabeth Taylor the fiction writer may have written if she lived today. It is comforting and discomforting at once and I shall be ever grateful as to the hint on how to discover one specific feature of the nature of a ‘triolet’ that I didn’t know before, as I have now done.
Also, I guess my own acquired interpretation of the previous story, in the shade of the Intentional and Affective Fallacies of Literature — and indeed possibly my whole approach to reviewing from 2008 — has now been given more than just an oblique licence by this story’s “It means what you make it mean. It means what you think it means.”

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