Malpertuis – Jean Ray


Translated by Iain White

Atlas Press 1998

My review of Jean Ray’s ‘The Horrifying Presence & Other Tales’ HERE.

When I real-time review ‘Malpertuis’, my comments will be found in the thought stream below or by clicking on this post’s title above.

2 thoughts on “Malpertuis – Jean Ray

  1. I have tried to read this novel and, although I enjoyed his short stories in The Horrifying Presence book, this longer version of Jean Ray is not suited to my temperament. Too much dialogue and short simple paragraphs extended at length are not normally my thing. The envisaged complexity of its potential unified gothic gestalt I admire, but my enjoyment of it was not summoned as a longer-term reading experience when having to carry over its plot details from day to day…
    I much prefer the Ray in relative short shots…

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