Look at a book – if it sings to you, open it.

The full Dreamcatcher slow-motion book reviews are in fusion or symbiosis with hyper-imaginative fiction – and they are accessible in the posts’ thought streams by clicking on their titles.

This is a review site not individually of the Weird, the Horror, the Fantasy, the SF, the Literary, the Experimental, but of all Hyper-Imaginative Fiction – a Hifalutin site radiated on Hi-Fi broadband…High-Five!

I confirm that, unless in very exceptional circumstances, I purchase all books to read/ review, choosing ones that I believe I will like, hopefully love. More information in links above

“Incredible things can be explained only through even more incredible things.” – Jean Ray (The Man Who Dared)

All the slow-motion reviews on this site are by Des Lewis (nullimmortalis) unless otherwise stated. All chronologically linked above – with a Search facility available, too.

Beginning, just beginning, to crystallise the singular dream of all good hyper-imaginative fiction as written by a labyrinth of authors.

Reviewing a book is not writing an immaculate essay about it, but getting your hands dirty with it.

“As there is no intrinsic virtue in denigration, the critic who resorts to it, should be required to pass a test of qualification and sensitivity, at least twice as stringent as that imposed upon a critic who loves. Normally, love is not blind but clairvoyant.” – Robert Aickman

Reviewing hyper-imaginative literature is like placing a book on a planchette for a séance.

“Real time – when past and future twist around each other;”
“…the connections between all things, and how those connections play a part in healing.”
Two quotes from Christien Gholson’s story THE SPIN OF THE STARS in INTERZONE #260

“Sniffer of carrion, premature gravedigger, seeker of the nest of evil in the bosom of a good word…” — James Joyce

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