Mr. Kitchell Says Thank You – by Charles Wilkinson

A story that has now appeared in the purchased publication below, just received.
My review of this story, once I have read it, will be placed in the comment stream below.


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Above cover image by Howard Watts.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Kitchell Says Thank You – by Charles Wilkinson

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    “It’s low tide. Groynes guide his eyes over the length of the bay; the furthest is half submerged, a jagged line like an alligator’s back.”
    Now this work is a highly acquired taste, I’d say. About academic rivalry, neo-Platonism, revenge, a seaside place chosen as the battle ground for such revenge, a genius loci that really exists as a Platonic Form Of Seaside, a hotel like that in Wilkinson’s ‘A World Without Watercress’, and a totemic Elephant emerging from the cliff, if not something even older with its bone or tusk sticking out,,, a work that works well once you have acquired its taste, or once you can get served tastes at all in the Captain’s restaurant…
    I have nothing against Mr Wilkinson ever since at least part of me met him “at a university in the north of England” a lifetime ago. I admit I was indeed “a skimmer of texts.”

    • Howard Watts’ distressed, excellent cover above, seems to have elephant-coloured entities coming out at you in a human shape?

      I think there is only one other story by Charles Wilkinson in Theaker’s that I have not reviewed – WATER IMPERIAL in #51.
      I tried to read it when it first came out and I have just tried again, and on both occasions I couldn’t finish it. I have been told that when I finish a lovely meal, I always seem to leave one small item of food on the plate. What’s that about?

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