3 thoughts on “Fury Rounds

  1. ROUNDS signed by img_2726 without the ‘Menmuir’.
    Copy numbered 93/200
    The story itself from page 5 to 12.

    19 year old Alice taking occupation of her own home for the first time, an empty-edgeside abode, taken there by her Dad in his car with a £50 loan to tide her over and then her finding some 50p pieces for the meter. Waking dreams and hemmed voile and used newspapers already there, items to be shown the door. And a glimpse of a small girl on a bicycle or two girls on bicycles in the street…
    As I read towards the end of this work I was utterly confident that the ending would make the whole thing worth reading. I was not wrong, even though it was not until the story’s very last word that such confidence was fulfilled. Like opening a glove compartment in an old car from your past. Or simply shutting it?

  2. FURY
    Copy numbered 102/200
    The story itself from page 5 to 15
    “But as he watched the red scratches darken and bleed, he simply smiled –”
    This story, as its own intended discrete work of fashioning you the reader inside it even against your will, standing alone as a powerful force of a fury from the buildings or crime scenes the narrated protagonist investigates as part of his job, ‘connecting’ him to them, flattening out our real three-dimensional world of objects inside them, people, too. There is of course more to it than that, as you will find out, without my need to spoil it for you first.
    The work also connects with the connection of Alice to her own new house by a cord against her own Wyl.

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