October – Quentin S. Crisp


Snuggly Books 2017

On the back cover –
“…a further attempt by the author to close the gap between the time-taking, record-keeping distance of the written word and the immediacy of the living moment.”

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One thought on “October – Quentin S. Crisp

  1. “But then, Lewis seemed to know
    Of it;”
    I have read all these quintains in one sitting, making up variously sized spaced-between poems. I did not understand them all. But many added to my wisdom by a new perception, and I recall the Suggs quintain particularly in this regard. Anselm, Plotinus, Lewis of Narnia, Chômu, Facebook, ordinary and rarefied things in cruxial enjambment.
    But the greatest sense of satisfaction was allowing my sump to fill further with a growing gestalt (if that is not a contradiction in terms) of this great fictioneer and what he has decided to devote to public paper-printed text.
    The first four lines of just one of the many quintains below. You will need to buy the book to see what the fifth line says. I found it significant.
    “I fictionalise.
    For me, it’s fundamental.
    What if fiction were
    Removed from the human brain?”

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