One thought on “CLOCKS – Jason E. Rolfe

  1. “And I had such high hopes.”

    I have in the last few days conducted one reading skirmish so far. It starts with all the book’s forthcoming characters, some Real from perceived life outside this book and other characters Rolfe-fictional and yet more characters Real-Fictional from creative art created by Real others, all intervening regarding the meta-writerly Rolfe ego that has created them all retrocausally from the Author’s Note right at the end. Pink Buddha, Iranian Friend, some with foreign names. Others like Death, Kurt Russell from THE THING, Conan, by Crom! And many more. Even a character called Self-Doubt who must be me. And there I surely must leave this 300 page Book of Real-Absurdism. A new genre in embryo. When it finally takes off in the public consciousness, I shall come back and examine its important roots here in mature age. The book’s roots in mature age. Mine passed long ago.

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