3 thoughts on “The Garden of Ruin, God of the Rain – Mark Valentine

  1. A hand-sewn booklet of unnumbered pages, with many paper-appliqué pieces of artwork.
    Copy 4 of 40
    Valentine & Valentine: Hand Made Books 2018
    Signed by Jo and Mark Valentine

    Cf Slawek’s and my book of Ruinenlust: https://admtoah.wordpress.com/cloistered-by-ravelled-bones-ruined-walls/


    First published in co-operation with
    The Ruinians (England) Trust
    by Fetish Books of Croydon 1980

    More to follow below…when I read it.

  2. C492E480-4EC9-4B68-8023-42533C31E380Resonates strongly with me…
    This is a journey into the Ruinian Faith, and the memorials and emblems and genii-loci in this umbrella-locus. A guide not to places I visited in recent years like the national arboretum north of Birmingham nor the Painswick rococo garden, but something far more amenable to my ruined soul and rainy thoughts, and the section headings shown above in the contents give some clue as to the godsome gps of your path.
    Each appliqué panel is a pareidolia or apophenia angel of angst and ruinenlust. But I anticipate calm seclusion and cloistered, unravelled thought rather than worry once you set out.
    I am only showing you two of these appliqué panels as token ruiners above.

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