5 thoughts on “Slap-on-the-Wrist Stories by Rhys Hughes


    “I resent the suggestion that I am the human version of a rogue planet.”

    Rhys Hughes famously wrote: “Review my work just once, you’ll review my work evermore.” Trouble is, it came too late for me.
    And this is 69 chapters of 69 words each — making, guess what, a gestalt tall tale. Full of his customary joys, jokes and jumps in meaning. About Jessica, and jolly much more.

    • The photo above was taken a week or two ago, and the hand used is that of a lady the same age as Lady Hale who became a noted figure yesterday.by giving the PM a slap on the wrist to end all such slaps on the wrist!


    “Listen carefully, Boris…”

    Fifty messages on postcards with fifty words each, messages left by a crashed bus’s fifty passengers to their relatives. They each see themselves now as different animals or plants or mythical creatures. I have not yet counted the words in this book to check the numbers are correct. Hedging my bets. Meanwhile, I will not fully divulge the end of this set of messages and its significance. But a bit like Boris in drag as a bus driver? “Nuts to you!”


    “We are stuck here now. ‘Stuck at home,’ I say.”

    But if you are, life is still good with this book to read.
    This story has 66 sections, each with 66 words. Another treat.

    This whole book is like travelling in the head provided by a gifted traveller of the world as well as of his own head. Free with constraints, cloistered with sky. Meanwhile, beware the patronage spider.

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