A Vanishing World

“Life had become a series of vanishing photographs, posted every day, gone the next. One had no story any more. Character, narrative, history, were all dead. Only the flat caricature of the instant remained, and that was what one was judged by.” — Salman Rushdie (Quichotte)

73904706-CE49-4B28-A518-C1E4C49FD870Although my real-time reviewing is so near this Snapchat ethos, it is more, I hope, the optimum blend of that new mindset of “vanishing photographs” AND a solid gestalt literary prop as arguably the best of and/ or aggregate of these two worlds? Then pasting them as print in books.

Also: The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada: https://nemonymous123456.wordpress.com/emmanuel-escobada/

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