27 thoughts on “The Last Balcony Cliff

  1. The Facebook post at the head of this thread above has its exact seventh anniversary today. The photo was taken by me in 2008 In Norway, and the corner devices added at the time of the old FB post,

    Today’s tweet:

  2. As I said earlier in this endless real-time review about Dead Astronauts as a fiction book – “And in due course, please replace “Potentially great book” above with “Preternaturally great book”, with the intrinsic disintention of preternature, perhaps seen for the first time in literature as gestalt.”

  3. Irrespective of what happens from this point onward with Covid, all fiction and films created in the past (even those in the can and still due to come out as new fiction or films) will be period pieces not reflecting the transformed world we are now entering since only a month or two ago.

    As one example, I think the social distancing choreography is pretty radical.
    I was watching a film just now, feeling worried at the close proximity of people in public places!

    And, of course, most importantly, the potential healing of Climate Change…in reality and in how this affects art and other human and natural activity.

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