3 thoughts on “Dot Ut Des – D.P. Watt

  1. 84ECEEA6-900A-4CEC-8761-3027C4C32AF419EBD794-073C-4E6A-9D6A-2D8D4C3386BF

    With over 40 quality paper pages between stiff boundaries, or rather two sets of over 20 pages each (one set in English, the other in Portuguese, as alternative renditions of the same work), my copy — a disarmingly dizzy topsy-turvy tête-bêche of an ‘Ace Double’ — is numbered by hand: 29/40.
    Generously sown with papercuts in engravy.


    A fable of a Quid Pro Quo by dint of a toddler’s innocence gifting a bony part of himself — starting off a totting-up by tontine whereby those who lose accumulate their own dead bones into a topsy-turvy charnel pit for the tontine winner eventually to sit on top of.
    A totty-lusting dude called POTUS, no doubt.


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