The Sixevenighties

D58B71C8-9646-4CFE-9BBA-B21A59713D48The decades of stoicism, tawdriness, the first Troubles, the first peccadilloes, the first mock colours of fashion and TV screens, seedy Paradise Lounges, school dinners, short-lived hopes, familial disloyalties, quiet humour, diminishing churches, receding ghosts (but still haunting us), tentatively to become receding humilities…from dead audiences to quiz show upstarts…
I continue to read and review HERE each story in the HUGE William Trevor canon…


This ‘Walking Horatio’ Mark Patrick Lynch book, so far, has now become the finest possible on-going complement to that project, FEELING as if it is (even if it isn’t) happening in that First Dyspraxic Age … an Age before the word ‘dyspraxia’ hardly existed (even if this Lynch novel uses it!)…

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