a vigil of black stars

a homage to paysage d’hiver


My previous reviews of Mount Abraxas Press: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/complete-list-of-zagava-ex-occidente-press-books/

Edited and Designed by Geticus Polus

As well as several artists and photographers to be listed later, this book contains fiction and poetic works  by Georg Trakl, William Blake, Antonio Espinosa, Josh Kim, Christina Rossetti, Walter de la Mare, Forrest Aguirre, Edgar Allan Poe, Anonymous, Leo Pekas, Stefan George, Roope Sillanpää, Elijah Tamu, Johan Nillsson, Bliss Carman, Benjamin Tweddell, Rhys Hughes, Julian Bruns, Alcebiades Diniz Miguel, Johann von Goethe, Anders Patrick Segerberg, The Specter, Rainer Maria Rilke, Nychts, Eino Leino, Kulttimaa, Robert Frost, Tomas Robertson, The True Meduson, D.P. Watt, Martin van Valkenstijn.

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5 thoughts on “a vigil of black stars

  1. E938A688-6F57-480D-A438-72B93B6C2615

    A luxurious book of around 270 pages, with the Mount Abraxas luxury of a beautifully-upholstered creation to which I have long grown accustomed from this publisher. But I never take their books for granted. This one is truly special even by their own standards. Teeming literally with countless images.



  2. A first glance at the written works included in this book already tells me that they represent a very rich panoply of prose and poetry by the authors listed at the top of this page.

    I shall now leave you to treasure your own reading of them as I intend to treasure them privately myself while the winter of my days approaches.

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