Man-Size in Marble

MAN-SIZE IN MARBLE by Edith Nesbit

“…stricken by lightening and the vengeance of Heaven.”

The big house, thus stricken, once built upon which land the cottage now sits wherein the lovey-dovey, arty couple, Laura and and the narrator who called her Pussy, have found to live near an atmospheric but superstitious village and its lonely church. The playing out, in chilling inevitability, of a legend within marble that we all now know about from this famous story from an equally famous horror writer who also wrote, incidentally, children’s books. This couple never bore children thus lightened.
This story its own memorial to monumental catharsis.

“…a horror indefinable and indescribable—an overwhelming certainty of supreme and accomplished calamity.”

  • “lightening’ (sic) in this edition of the story and I have discovered in many other editions of it, too.


My review from the context here:

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