12 thoughts on “The Keeper / David Rudkin — Tower Block Ghost Story / TSJ Harling

  1. 6200D468-FF3E-4296-A508-B8C474AE740BTHE KEEPER by David Rudkin

    This has the honour or both defeating me and inspiring me in equal measure: a Kafkaesque agglomeration of finding the self as the keeper in a panoply of visually tactile gropings, a reading experience that astonishingly was in tune (as is this publication’s front cover!) with a whole series of photographs of something I never suspected — 8A4CAAEA-D2EA-4207-B96C-CC761D3FBF9C

    because of lockdown — was being built near to where I live, photos that I took by chance, because of a blood test appointment, this morning *before* reading this lighthouse tantalising work, The wheelhouse incarnate, telescoped into a new Eye. It MADE this story work in ways the author never intended. Or perhaps he did! (More photos I took here: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/the-new-clacton-eye/) This is probably my most incredible experience while gestalt real time reviewing.

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  3. …and, so, attempting to centre the self amid the recurrent clanking of such railings can be a sort of commutation…

    B734CE54-FD72-4E96-9666-D67C3E63D086TOWER BLOCK GHOST STORY by TSJ Harling

    “I didn’t need the keys as I had foolishly left the door open. I wanted to feel better, in body and in mind, and both felt elusive. The move to this flat had been supposed to help improve my symptoms by lessening my commute time.”

    C2E0AFFE-DFB4-4E13-9A2E-A9BD71DBEAA8…as if body and mind here in the tower block (where the lifts smelt of urine) were paralleled by a similar pairing of zooming contact streams between laptops’ webcams and that of a proper paranormal poltergeist’s haunting. I won’t divulge the nature of the fibromyalgic woman narrator’s haunting and what or whom spoke, via it, to her and for what reason of past hurt, but the work’s closing sentences, for me, clinch devastatingly what happens when the various spokes topically tangle and stop. At least the pain of whatever or whoever in her had been hurt or tethered by signature pain is now put in proper writing and filed, safe from any computer crash, I guess.

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