The Man Who Came Back


THE MAN WHO CAME BACK by William Gerhardi

I could not resist reproducing the whole of this short marvellous portrait HERE of an old man. It is substantially about me and my pretentious readerly and reviewer-ly essence, and also harkens back to the Immortality as now a perhaps more positive version of the Null Immortalis syndrome in the previous story above.
Beware! I shall be back.
At least, ironically, I still currently have the outlet of my gestalt real-time on-line dissemination and, so, I do not need, like he does, to depend on the odd face-to-face visitor or quilled interloper to my home in order to soak up my preternatural wisdoms! His white villa miles by sea from Toulon was the equivalent to his Covid lockdown or Lady Eleanor Smith’s island?

Full context of the above here:

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