Hunter and Quarry

  1. nullimmortalis 
    Pages 144 – 152 “‘Absorbing the sacred aura’…” as I do, too, regarding the text’s words, whatever the scatological pit-crypting of her shadowing shark by dint of making her own “tuft-enticement out-thrust”…the Anush bush, as it were? The ‘hot bitch’, rampant against the one who called her that.
    This is not M.R. James at all, but something even more powerful, the faith of a woman and her means of attack, as the derelict church (itself regaining God’s soul that was once within it) almost mocks her, then irks her, inspires her, with its holy hollows below, into an equivalent righteous raping of a man, not by him. A catharsis and purging of her past? Hunter and quarry. Intrinsic subtle or plain faith in her God and the blatant instinct of revenge. Whatever the case, this High Noon — of two duellists within this church and all that the church and the land’s hinterland of history entail — is played out in possibly the most powerful tranche of fiction one is privileged to read. Beyond the battlefield’s trench of the reader’s own mind.

  2. nullimmortalis 
    Above scene is now significantly CROSS-referenced with that in pages 137-139 here:
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Full context here of AZERBAIJAN TALES by Albert Power (Egaeus Press):

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