Tawûsê Melek 


Madam and Yves 
Marc Joan

“…the feeling grew on me that there was something there, some hidden design. Something intangible; something that, at first, I could not quite discern.”

The bits of this whole book, as if now told to PRINT! as far as it’s got, bits of one, bits of another in it, the last three stories above in particular, perfect doll (“a doll-like creature with dog’s breasts, her fecund pelvis perched on famine-child legs, grinned at me in a revolting parody of allure…”) and earlier museum mutants as golems alike, in a bookface stream of multi-polymer app-apotheoses of 3D printing to see who is the Zoroastrian god beyond even MelekTOASE, now twisted askew by my own pretensions of an exterior god gestalt, as this storyGOD tries to do before I can, outdoing even the freehold author’s story, having already outdone his leasehold narrator Georges who was trying to bring together bits of his lover Yves (himself a god of polymer faces spreading them piecemeal to create a gestalt between bits of them), all happening in Yves’ studio after he has seemingly died, Georges doing this by co-opting, by creating a communication relationship with, one of Yves’ software creatures, a maDAM gender but multi-formed, but here in my own relationship with her I am bluffing to maintain my way with this story and the fact that I can freely admit bluffing shows my omnipotence beyond even Jarry’s unUbu and the others that strive to become supreme. All trying to make others in their own image, as I do with all the stories that I have, as god-reviewer, so-called reviewed over the years ! Beyond the ultimate literary “doppelgänger mask” and the “The unclotting of memories!” And the “How can gods rest without adoration?” syndrome. And many long passages of physically app-covivid Frankensteining that ineluctably blow the reader’s mind. Now all mine!


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