Islet Odes

EDIT HISTORY by Jen Calleja

An engaging sort of editable Wikipedia containing info capsules upon each of the Islets, an archipelago in mutual synergy with Christopher Priest’s Dream one, here any dreams being infiltrated or toughened by hardcore realities of the world with which they are in osmosis. One islet is rumoured to be Hitler’s exile venue, another where generations are in apprenticeship-loop. And many more. One is a single purpose Praiser Islet. I feel, immodestly, that my seasoned gestalt real-time reviewing and this ‘story’ were made for each other, a Venn diagram or palimpsest upon the other. Each of its readers are part of the collusive triangulation of coordinates — something I have long tried to foster.

A story included in Best British Short Stories 2021

Full review of book here:

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