Astounding Synchronicity

From my review of ESP by Michael W. Thomas here:

“‘Runaway train’, I found, was on everyone’s lips.”

That is a quote from my reading today of ESP.

In this poignant chapter about our narrator’s approximation to his father’s dying in hospital, THERE IS THE MOST AMAZING SYNCHRONICITY in the history of all my gestalt real-time reviewing since 2008, even more so than these rampant synchronicities:

In the closing chapters of my Elizabeth Bowen year-long reviewing project as completed a day or so ago, there is reference to the ‘Runaway Train’ with its lyrics quoted in the Bowen text, on all the characters’ lips… !!

A quote from my Bowen review the day before yesterday: ‘Runaway train song… the same train, not the gun, the train that self-killed D’s father?’ here :

— and it happens to be my own late Dad’s birthday today!! (He would have been 100 today!)

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