“We are not a happy people. That, I think, is why we were given stupidity.” 

a farewell to worms by john linwood grant

“One, two, the bad word, four, five… One, two…”

The bad word a sort of Satyrical Tuesday? Or just another Epiphany? Whatever the case, I loved this needed salvation of our mankind as represented by a (God)forsaken ‘industrial village’ in America, our saviours avoiding the dreaded Sisyphean Saw that they usually plied outside the colander’s 12 days of Christmas: a salvation indeed by Satyrs — yes, particularly loved this story even more by having recently read Weighell’s King Satyr (here) and Ishiguro’s story involving an old boot stew (here), a Psariosta of Pan, involving Lukas and his grandmother and a kallikantzaroi narrator to die for. “…but if there’s one thing that keeps me going, it’s being malevolent…”
A mischievously wise work for April Fool’s Day today. Thankfully not a Tuesday, though.

“We are not a happy people. That, I think, is why we were given stupidity.”


Full context of this review: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2022/03/05/where-all-is-night-and-starless-john-linwood-grant/

Images above by Camille Gabrielle for ’The Weirdmonger’s Tales’ (1994)

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