Penguin Modern Stories

One shoved four is worth twelve at a push

Edited by Judith Burnley during 1969-1972

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3 thoughts on “Penguin Modern Stories

  1. To be read in a relatively random order…

    THE TALKING TREES by Sean O’Faolain

    A wild version of adolescent boys from the Red Abbey school who are ever on about girls and pink porpoises and sexy notions, and a girl posing in gym knickers accompanied by whose violin music? — Haydn and Seek … and a paraphernalia of a sense of something like guilt or parental influence, and sweet shops or secreting sweets for oneself instead of a gang bang? A sort of post-Just-William and his Outlaws, but with raging puberty…
    Mad and manic, and it is quite unbelievable that a story like this actually existed!
    I myself never got to enter the talking trees but got happily married instead.

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