RONALD ROSS: The Vivisector Vivisected (1882)

“I could not stand, nor move the arms below the elbows.”

This example of ‘elbows-in-fiction’ effectively forms the ‘dying fall’ conclusion of a seemingly mad mayhem  of blood that persists page after page in the guise of a manuscript within a story! 

A  Frankenstein-like revival of a corpse, but the man being thus revived turns out, I think, to be the long lost twin brother of the doctor reviving him, and both happened to be vivisectors! (They had once crossed swords over a lady, I think!)

A coincidence that staggers even a coincidencer like me!

And somehow it seems to be in some wild synergy with THIS mad-blood mayhem of a story by Denis Johnson that I happened to read and review by coincidence this very morning!

One thought on “RONALD ROSS: The Vivisector Vivisected (1882)

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