“I never answered a word. I stood still, repeating to myself the rollicking lines of that merry jingle, ‘The Man with the Hoe.’ When I looked at this farmer, the little devices I had in my pocket for buncoing the pushed-back brows seemed as hopeless as trying to shake down the Beef Trust with a mittimus and a parlor rifle.”

Not sure I followed all the word-braggadocio of the old American-Joycean references here, but I do get that Jeff Peters again and his pal Andy step off the train randomly at a town where they can dupe or con farmers, easy bait, always, farmers. But farmers seem to have gone hi-tech with data by wireless and there is no way through with the goldbrick trick, yet one farmer finally succumbs to the under-the-walnut trick just for the pleasant nostalgia of being duped or conned!


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