‘A – – – – – – – E’ by A.L. Salmon


Because of its telegraphed ending, this is a masterpiece manqué. Long neglected, no doubt, and now coming out of the literary closet. It is an exquisition of a monk, bolstered by aspects of his backstory, who falls sexually in love with an image of Our Lady. I feel that it should be topped and tailed by removing the title (as expurgated by me above) and also its ending.
It is utterly utterly powerful, couched in perfect prose. Its innards should be removed from the cheaper veneer someone forced around them and thus make whatever is inside to stand alone and pure, a potential religion of sorrows’ temptations as literature.

Full context: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2022/11/08/the-ferry-of-souls-a-l-salmon/#comment-25919

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