Links to the Book Reviews by Des Lewis during 2018 Wound of Wounds The White Road by Ron Weighell Shiloh by Philip Fracassi Strange Is The Night by SP Miskowski The Scarlet Soul edited by Mark Valentine The Demons of King Solomon How I Learned The Truth About Krampus by Tom Johnstone The Drone Outside […]

Elasticity – The Best of Elastic Press

NEWCON PRESS 2017 Edited by Andrew Hook My previous reviews of Elastic Press books HERE Stories by Andrew Humphrey, Brian Howell, Mike O’Driscoll, Neil Williamson, Jeff Gardiner, Gary Couzens, Marion Arnott, Antony Mann, Allen Ashley, Nick Jackson, Justina Robson, Andrew Tisbert, Maurice Suckling, Chris Beckett, Tim Nickels. When I review this book, my thoughts will […]

Crimewave 12: HURTS

TTA Press Stories by Melanie Tem, Simon Avery, Stephen Volk, Antony Mann, Janice Law, Joel Lane, Stephen Bacon, Tim Lees, James Cooper, Christopher Priest, Danny Rhodes, Steven J. Dines, Ray Cluley and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Paperback: 240 pages. Received as part of my subscription. “Books I’m led to by other books, strings of books, excitation […]


INTERZONE #245  (Mar-Apr 2o13) Cover Art: Jim Burns TTA Press My real-time review of the fiction in this magazine in line with the style of my more recent real-time reviews linked from HERE. My previous INTERZONE reviews are linked from HERE. The fiction in this issue is written by Chris Butler, Melanie Tem, Carlos Hernandez, Damien […]