David Rix is also Proprietor of EIBONVALE PRESS:

My previous reviews of their publications:

DEFEATED DOGS – by Quentin S. Crisp

Rustblind and Silverbright Edited by David Rix


Sensorama Edited by Allen Ashley

Caledonia Dreamin’ – Strange Fiction of Scottish Descent (reviewer: Paulo Brito)

Unpleasant Tales by Brendan Connell (Reviewer: Paulo Brito)

SCAR CITY by Joel Lane

My review of  the original An Emporium of Automata by D.P. Watt, a work that Eibonvale Press later republished.

HUMAN MAPS by Andrew Hook

The Big-Headed People & Other Stories

How I Learned The Truth About Krampus by Tom Johnstone

The Drone Outside by Kristine Ong Muslim

Resonance & Revolt by Rosanne Rabinowitz

How Many Times? by Rhys Hughes

The Silver Wind by Nina Allan


Blacker Against The Deep Dark by Alexander Zelenyj

A Thread of Truth by Nina Allan

The Man Who Murdered His Muse (James Champagne) Some Pink Star (Sophie Essex) Third Instar (David Gullen) The Uneasy (Andrew Hook) Family Matters (Gaurav Monga)

Tomorrow, When I Was Young by Julie Travis

Animals of the Exodus by Alexander Zelenyj

The Lighthouse by Jeremy Schliewe

The Illiterate Ghost by Alan Price

All That Is Solid by Rosanne Rabinowitz

Feather: Tales of Isolation and Descent – David Rix

My Big-Headed People.

My Dabbling With Diabelli

The Neo-Decadent Cookbook

Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature by Terry Grimwood

My Rabbit’s Shadow Looks Like a Hand by Rhys Hughes

Gaseous Clay and Other Ambivalent Tales by John Travis

Furious in the Expanse by Yarrow Paisley

The January Estate by Charles Wilkinson


David Rix has carried out the artwork of some of the above books.

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