Hungarian Sprats

“All over Europe, people opened cans, expecting to find fish, but instead finding the following: a single hanky, a container of liquorice-flavoured lozenges,…”
…and there follows one of the most incredible lists you will ever read in literature, as if Proust has become a hoarder rather than a word-textured fin de siècle. The rest of this book has similar lists, but none quite like this one… All part of a hilarious account of a so-called Baron Dąmski (Charlus?) investing in the canning of luggage, to avoid loss in transit. The sort of cans that people have panic-bought in recent real-time beyond this story. But instead of food, these purpose-tinned cans contain his belongings as luggage. The work ends even more hilariously with his self-isolating in a fur coat.

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Uncertainties IV


The Swan River Press MMXX

Edited by Timothy J. Jarvis

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Stories by Rebecca Lloyd, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Brian Evenson, Kristine Ong Muslim, Gary Budden, Anna Tambour, John Darnielle, Camilla Grudova, Marian Womack, Charles Wilkinson, Nadia Bulkin, Aliya Whiteley, D.P. Watt, Claire Dean.

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Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume Five


Edited by Robert Shearman and Michael Kelly


Stories by Kurt Fawver, Ben Loory, Brenna Gomez, Kathleen Kayembe, Daniel Carpenter, Michael Mirolla, Ian Muneshwar, Claire Dean, Kristi DeMeester, David Peak, Helen Marshall, Joshua King, Jenni Fagan, Alison Littlewood, Chavisa Woods, Carmen Maria Machado, Eric Schaller, Rebecca Kuder, Adam-Troy Castro, K.L. Pereira, Camilla Grudova, Brian Evenson, Nadia Bulkin, Paul Tremblay.

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Year’s Best Weird Fiction: Vol. 4


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Edited by Helen Marshall and Michael Kelly

Stories by Aki Schilz, Katie Knoll, Jeffrey Ford, Irenosen Okojie, Sarah Tolmie, Dale Bailey, Usman T. Malik, Daisy Johnson, Octavia Cade, Sam J. Miller, Indrapramit Das, Johanna Sinisalo, Camilla Grudova, Gary Budden, Malcolm Devlin.

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