The Portswick Imp – Michael W. Thomas



My reviews of this author’s VALIANT RAZALIA here:

In due course, I intend to read this book of stories and show my thoughts about it in the comment stream below…

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #59


Edited by Stephen Theaker (my ‘links’ to the eponymous publisher too numerous to list) and John Greenwood

Cover artist: Howard Watts

Stories by Charles Wilkinson, Elaine Graham-Leigh, Rafe McGregor, Michael Thomas, Chris Roper, Jessy Randall and David Penn.

My previous reviews of TQF are linked from HERE.

When I real-time review this magazine’s stories only, my comments will appear in the thought stream below…

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #50


I have just received this bumper issue of TQF, celebrating their 50th issue and publishing since 2004.

Edited by Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood

Reviews and articles, plus stories by Rafe McGregor, David Tallerman, Howard Watts (who created most if not all of the marvellous TQF front covers and whose new novel I am about to start reviewing here), Michael Wyndham Thomas (whose diptych of a TQF novel I reviewed here), Douglas J. Ogurek, Mitchell Edgeworth, Matthew Amundsen, John Greenwood, Walt Brunston, Howard Phillips, Antonella Coriander.

All my previous reviews of TQF are linked from HERE.

**I intend to review all the fiction in the comment stream below as and when I read it.***

Michael Wyndham Thomas: The Mercury Annual / Pilgrims at the White Horizon (Valiant Razalia)


I intend my next Gestalt Review to be based upon the above books by Michael Wyndham Thomas that I recently purchased via Amazon, instinctively sensing that they would be to my reading taste or that they would awaken a reading taste that I didn’t yet know I had!

THE MERCURY ANNUAL (2009): Part 1 of ‘Valiant Razalia’

PILIGRIMS AT THE WHITE HORIZON (2013): Part 2 of ‘Valiant Razalia’

Both published by Theaker’s Paperback Library.

My real-time review will appear in the comment stream below as and when I happen to read the books. There is no guarantee how long this will take and how regularly updated. Although my track record with such reviews from 2008 has, I think, been a good one, there is no accounting for the pressures of so-called normal life intervening!