More Colin Insole

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These are the stories in ELEGIES & REQUIEMS (unless marked below the story is new to this book):

The Golden Birds of Mariston
The Apoplexy of Beezlebub (Megazanthus Press 2011)
The Premonition (Priory Press 2010)
A Calendar of Cherries (Ex Occidente Press 2012)
Ancestral Rooms
The Princess of Phoenicia (Ex Occidente Press 2011)
Blackthorn Cottage
The Choice Child
The Candles of Wildondorf (Hieroglyphic Press 2011)
The Madness of a Chalk Giant
The Weimar Spider (Ex Occidente Press 2009)
The Very Thought of You
The Flower of the Sun (Supernatural Tales 2011)
Waving at the Train
The Appassionata Variations (Megazanthus Press 2012)
The Dear Dead Days
Apple Blossom Time (Pill Hill Press 2010)
The Bellman

There is one further previously published story by Colin Insole that I personally know about: ‘The Houses Among The Trees’ in Dadaoism (Chomu Press)

Here are my reviews of four separate Colin Insole books: (OBLIVION’S POPPY Ex Occidente Press 2010) (ALCYONE Ex Occidente Press 2011) (THE LAST GOLD OF DECAYED STARS Ex Occidente Press 2013) (ELEGIES & REQUIEMS Side Real Press 2013)

The seven separate stories of Colin Insole in anthologies that I have reviewed or published: (the Ha of Ha) (TFBOCHS) (Delicate Toxins)


PS: Two more uncollected stories by Colin Insole: ‘A Blue Dish of Figs’ here: and ‘Dreams from the Apple Orchards’ here:

PPS: I have just discovered a new story by Colin Insole entitled “Salammbô and the Zaïmph of Tanit” in this book I have just started reviewing:


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