imageI intend to have a break until 2014 and then I shall assess whether it is worthwhile to continue my book reviews. Although I find the activity self-fulfilling, I need to be convinced that the books, the authors, the publishers are benefited, too. I sense that – when such critiques and other experiments or extrapolations are called ‘reviews’ – there is some reluctance felt by major players involved with the reviewed book as they consider whether to react, drop in, share their thoughts and so forth. But we all should triangulate, mould, connect, use the Internet as a creative force: not flashmobs so much as communal book-makers.

If I do continue my endeavours in the New Year, I shall consider changing their name from real-time reviews to something else. Suggestions privately or publicly would be welcome.

7 thoughts on “Sabbaticess


    Following the apparent sucCESS of an activity,

    this is a sabbatical that becomes a well-earned rest before resuming that activity


    a sabbatical that leads to a complete CESSation of that activity,

    depending on which of those two eventualities actually transpires.

  2. I have slowly started two more ‘irresistible’ real-time reviews on the main page of this site but my Sabbaticess officially continues!
    I have decided to retain ‘gestalt real-time reviews’ for the interim as the name, but still open to suggestions.

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