A Pastoral Dyncopation

Since commencing my Summer sabbatical from gestalt real-time reviewing proper, I have been reading two amazing books: ‘American Pastoral’ by Philip Roth and ‘Against the Day’ by Thomas Pynchon, the latter being a HUGE novel in every sense, where I have, via some tentacular tales of LOST-like dynamiters, reached the end of the first section with a Jules Vernian NEMONYMOUS NIGHT-like entry into a hollow earth by the airship chums. Absolutely breath-taking, adventurous, constructively dense. Priestly Adjacency. The Roth book, meanwhile, is full of Wrath, pacy yet textured, relentless, incantatory…surely something that is capable of changing its readers lives. Genes with their gloves off. About halfway through so far in that one. Only about a tenth of the way through in the Pynchon.

2 thoughts on “A Pastoral Dyncopation

  1. I am now coming up to about halfway in Pynchon’s AGAINST THE DAY and I know already it is a masterpiece. This is what I said about its subject matter today: http://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/my-households-latest-quilt/

    I shall no doubt have more to say when I’ve finished reading it. I have just travelled alongside Pynchon and the Chums of Chance under and through the sub-desert. I can’t help compare this novel with my own NEMONYMOUS NIGHT novel published in June 2011 by Chomu Press. Mine was written piecemeal in 2005/6 on public blogs, while Pynchon’s novel was first published in Nov 2006. It is impossible either author read the other’s book at that time; they are vastly different novels as well as being uncannily similar. Similar, other than the fact that the Pynchon novel is far far superior, of course, to mine. But I am proud it is similar as well as so utterly different….

    Also relevant: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/literature-as-innocent-gestalt/

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