2 thoughts on “The Harvestman

  1. image“His grandmother always believed that travelling south was easier than travelling north because south was ‘downhill’ on the map, as if anyone trying to go north without concentrating risked rolling all the way back down;”

    This atmospheric story is a subtly brutalised seaside scenario, with poignant battles against what fortune brings a young man named Eliot who is renting a downbeat flat from a woman’s boyfriend, a woman who seems to like Eliot…
    Well characterised, this story also has various premonitions of leitmotif that, when you finish, you realise in hindsight what a perfect story it actually is. Indeed, it was a pretty good story already in real-time even before the hindsight kicked in.

    A creature in a nightjar with long thin legs.

    My previous brief review of another work by this author HERE.

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