2 thoughts on “Sullom Hill

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    “Cloud had closed the gap to the horizon.”

    A simply expressed, but complexly felt, deployment of believable boys at school, one the norm, another the bully, and the third the ‘slow’ miscegenate, all playing themselves as well as roles in a Fylde genius-loci. The bully is bullied by the schoolteacher, in incantatory insulting refrain of verbal ping-pong – later paralleled by the bully bullying the slow one in a similar manner, as they burn tyres and climb hills, mediated by the norm, while watching coastal horizons and eventually passing into a range of inferentially difficult or easy homes or ‘households’ at day’s end, arguably paralleled by mutual interchangeable containers of their own skulls (each a competing storm or calm in a nightjar?)
    The wild landscape of early childhood, towards the eponymous aftermath of the solemn and sullen.

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