2 thoughts on “THE HOME

  1. “The landscape has no edges. It goes on forever. There is nothing to see.”

    This tellingly crosses themes with the return of the wanderer wife and the ‘home’ as skulljar, here as TV screen, in two previous Nightjars I have just read.

    In itself, it has a traction of intriguing, worrying build-up, seeing one’s wife on the screen, unable to help her, a ‘jar’ that contains an endless emptiness as well as a claustrophobic relationship. The ending is highly disturbing.

    This is only about three and half pages. I say ‘only’ but it does seem significant that something so physically slight but equally so complexly meaning-full is contained within the quality covers and sleek paper of a single svelteness of container. The overall gestalt works, the story working for the format, and vice versa, something that I have found true about all these Nightjars so far.

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