2 thoughts on “PUCK

  1. “But next to the skull is some sort of pot, seen from above. The pot has been identified as an earthenware jar, a pun on the name Alfred Jarry,…”

    Jars, pots, bowls, pitchers, Longfellow’s Priscilla as a second name, too, echoing my earlier Nightjar reviews, and more.
    This was as if written for me seeking a gestalt from leitmotifs, an extrapolative rhapsody on art, blending textured specific and general painterly references galore letting the real stars through, a countrified escape from light pollution, with birdwatching terminology; estranged marital artists and their singular progeny symbiotically enhanced as well as threatened by art and the disease that is also let through as well as the stars being let through.
    Beautiful and frightening.

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