Is it a Tench?

Two real-time reviews (among several others over the years) strongly connected with this increasingly preternatural, hawling-relevant question from John Cowper Powys in his ‘The Glastonbury Romance’ (1933):

The Rift by Nina Allan

Rule Dementia! by Quentin S. Crisp

This subject deserves a googling galore.

Other quotes of mine from that Powys book:

(Painting by Ade Hodges)

Edit: more in comments below –

8 thoughts on “Is it a Tench?

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  2. The Glastonbury Romance’ (1933) by John Cowper Powys:

    “‘Is it a Tench?’ he kept muttering quite audibly. What he was always reverting to in his thoughts was the necessity he was under to tell everybody in Glastonbury that he had seen the Grail; and several times he stopped various errand boys and tradesmen’s wives, whom he knew by sight, and began to tell them, or began to gather himself up to tell them, but by some queer psychological law they seemed inevitably to slip away from him before he had forced them to listen to him. He came by degrees to have that queer sensation that we have sometimes in dreams, that everything we touch eludes and slides away. He even got the feeling that the pavements were soft under his feet and that the people he passed were like ghosts who moved WITHOUT MOVING THEIR LEGS.”

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