Recent quotes about my reviews…

The first one being my own!

“So much coheres in my current book reviewing.
But don’t use other writers’ books to talk about yourself or your reviews rather than talking about the books themselves. […]
Still, I buy all the books I read, so what I do with them or say about them is my business.” [link]

And two separate people blogging publicly in recent days:

“We are so lucky to have Des Lewis in these times. His project as a reader and as a writer is dazzling huge but touchingly intimate all at once. A genius, no doubt. But much more than that – his writing is a resource for all of us who think stories matter.” [link]

“Des Lewis’ ‘real-time’ reviews are unique, thought-provoking and always a treat to read. They’re packed with word play and poetry as they unearth associations and currents in the work that I might miss myself when I’ve been so close to it. Other writers describe similar experiences of discovery and regard a Des Lewis review as a work of literature in its own right. I second that. Perhaps you can call this a review of a review. I always feel very honoured by the attention and thought Des puts into his reviews.” [link]

[EDIT: 9 June 18] “We’ve never met, but I cherish your reviews as spiky reminders that what we’re attempting is not just worth doing, but little short of sorcery. Cheers!” [link]

[EDIT: 13 June 18] “Kudos to Des Lewis, for his x-ray vision and for breathing new life into the review.” [link]

EDIT 4 Mar 20 : many more here:

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