18 thoughts on “AIAIGASA – Quentin S. Crisp

  1. POEMS

    2nd November

    “, is Japan.”

    I am currently real-timing a book of poems that I have been doing so for over a year. 🙂
    I wonder if my reviews here will ever synchronise their date of doing them with the date of the poem? A rhetorical question as this is an engagingly rhetorical enjambment upon the whole book’s eponymous umbrella, on an observational train journey that is Japan.
    There are scattered black and white drawn designs in this book, too, by the way. By Beehive Crick.
    PS. This is not a whole book of poems, I see. They only reach as far as page 33 of 160 pages in total. The poems to be sheltering from the rain of prose? Dark-tinged banks of solid drizzling letters.

  2. 3rd November

    “Japan’s wind-up music
    Box, circled by crows.”

    These so far mature pining poems have stanzas each with a Japanese symbol (I guess) as its avatar, symbols like a music box’s plectra to pluck itself?

  3. 4th November

    “Sepia, steam-era mood.”

    Painterly Renoirbrellas with a seeming steam of rain, transposed to an old silent film. A silent romance poeticised. Including a kiss. (I imagined the rainy scene; it is not mentioned in the poem.)

  4. 4B165CB9-07DB-40A6-92DF-AA0DC7215F23
    5th November

    I can fully project the virtual poetic reality of that knick-knack café and the café owner who is put out with late customers… and the yummy chestnuts.
    I wonder if my projection matches that of the real reality underlying the poem and its unrequited nature of something I can’t quite project. Or that nature of things these poems themselves can’t quite project – yet. The nature of memories from long ago, like a familiar door, projecting future memories by slight kinship with a poem-sense beyond the other senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

  5. 6th November

    No ember? This journey round Japan by the poet (and inferred companion). May have healthy no-drama versus previous embers of aspiration back home, but it makes him or her feel cleaner here. But compare the poet‘s personal shit excreted in, say, England with this worse smelling shit today in Japan. Hope that is not a plop spoiler.

  6. 707049D0-D1B0-436B-A281-A4F197F9114A891E4EA3-A43E-44D1-A5BA-56FFF343D0DB7th November

    “A five storey pagoda.”

    In my 1984 novella Agra Aska, 2011 Nemonymous Night’s Agraska, too, other couples journeying. We all use literature as a tensile umbrella, I guess?
    Pottery also here as poetry, and a bathroom again. Water off a duck’s back, not at all.

  7. 9th November

    “If I
    Died now, people would know me
    For who I no longer am.”

    A Bee-chanGE?
    While touring Japan outside this book. Because the book and its images were yet to be?

  8. 10th November

    No delay in these poems’ tour of Japan, though. Engaging enjambing account, if with toilets sign intruding on one glimpse or tourist photo, glimpses not really minding, and photos now easier to delete by digital means! I used to mount with sticky corners every photo I took, after development. Details, some more trivial than others. Like the book the poet wants. But nothing is trivial? Not even a toilet sign, I guess.

    “Leaves. We share the umbrella”

  9. 12th November

    “: back then, names were thought
    To have their own souls.”

    More engaging Japan details by the nemonymous narrator of these poems.
    (A name a sort of “space heater”?)

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