A Brief Visit to Bonnyville

Having re-read it today, I think I have understood it perhaps for the first time.

EDIT: More comments in the gull stream below…

10 thoughts on “A Brief Visit to Bonnyville

  1. Just rediscovered my own ‘review’ in 2009 of this 1995 story, as from here: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/real-time-review-of-weirdmonger-by-df-lewis-by-df-lewis/

    A Brief Visit To Bonnyville (1995)
    “‘Which way in?’ asked the guide.”
    You can ask that again! This is an ostensibly substantial story about a visit to the seaside, written, I recall, immediately after my move in 1994 to the seaside of North East Essex (where I was originally brought up in the Nineteen Fifties) – after living in a South London / Croydon no man’s land for 22 years as a Company Pensions expert. It turned out to be longer than a brief visit to the seaside, as I am still here!
    The story is now too salacious for my taste and imponderable. But I am now just another reader. Not a very sympathetic one. It does have its enticing moments of conundrum and inscrutable vision, however. ‘Claura and the Gulls’ would have been a better title. In a strange way, it now strikes me as very Restoration Comedy with disguises and inferred asides and set-piece tableaux.
    At a point where two prayers cross.” (20 May 09)

  2. Other apparent co-vivid prophecies in my 2011 novel NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (Chômu Press): https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/not-forgetting-sunnemo/

    I wrote this at above link on 22 April:
    “Covid-19 is in itself a truly dreadful global event. Deep sympathy to all of us. Whatever science fiction I somehow dreamt up in 2011 does not change that fact. Even if Covid’s potential side effect may positively help alter the eventual course of the planetary climate change disaster, nothing can alleviate any of the dire predicaments facing us all today. (My wife and I are in our seventies with already underlying health weaknesses.)”



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