Not Forgetting SunNemo

The ‘Nemonymous Night’ Coronavirus distillation and lucid vivid covid dreaming-

Nemonymous Night is a guided tour through a sinister fantasia of the everyday and the extraordinary that will haunt the reader like their most tenacious dreams and lead them to the centre of their own unimaginable reality. — HELLNOTES (2011)

Quotes from NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (Chômu Press 2011)

“Only later does the book discover that the world is quite a different world from the one for which it has been prepared.”

“The dream sickness – like a ‘flu pandemic – caused queues at doctors’ surgeries for tablets intended for an illness from which they didn’t know they suffered …”


“in the Core’s scatter-orange light…”

There is much about the CORE in Nemonymous Night, and when within the Earth it’s seen as another SUN in another sky. Cf Covid as CORona. (Also see my own Core Mythos in some of my published stories in the 1990s)

“…any mechanical aircraft whatsoever now grounded (perhaps meaninglessly grounded—and do keep listening to the news on the radio and all may be explained).”

Consider also a major recurring theme in NN of the COVERED (Cf Covid?) MARKET and its nature…

Just one example: ”The covered market was at rest, no commuters changing for even the wrong routes, let alone the right ones.”


“A cruise liner was halfway up the steep side of a cliff, dry-berthed if not literally shipwrecked. This was a concoction of several dreams, if she had but realised or known she was effectively (at some unconscious level) sharing in a vast communal vision just below the threshold of knowledge or even belief.”

“Dream viruses. They are mutating, I fear, becoming more able to fly from dream to dream without culpability. This allows the contents of each dream to swill in and out of each dreamskin, and they can even penetrate the skin of life itself and enter the mainstream. These viruses are similar to birds with revolving beaks like drillbits, each a little pesky explorer. They multiply by ease of dreams being soaked into the birds’ lubrication-pores. Filters can and do work both ways. Each ‘bird’ burrows from, say, my dream into, say, your dream. It takes a bit of me to you, and a bit of you to me—mixing reality and dream, as well as you and me. Then extrapolate that at a geometric progression. Each ‘bird’ (or dream virus) has its own consciousness but that also multiplies as its mutation increases, not changing its Drill’s body so much, but changing the clouded specifics of its mind, each specific mind becoming a human mind that thinks it has got a human body—plus interaction with other ‘human beings’ of their own kind as if it is real life on the surface of our world, but really they are self-imagined figments within the bird’s cockpit as it lays waste the skins of dream throughout a mass Jungian consciousness. I know it is difficult to grasp these concepts. I have faced the situation in my own mind that I myself may be one such dream virus (or, at best, a harmless dream spam): and I’m easing the skins to open up to the manifold plankton of dream-interstitialists. Birds of Plague riding their luck…”

“By contrast, I myself was keen on everything turning out happily, with the world having learnt the lessons that my own novel created and then, having created them, constructively destroyed for the good of all of us.”

“One day, the absurdity of it all might make them laugh out loud. But, by then, they would have forgotten what laughter might accomplish.”

And many other quotes HERE.


TODAY: Covid-19 is in itself a truly dreadful global event. Deep sympathy to all of us. Whatever science fiction I somehow dreamt up in 2011 does not change that fact. Even if Covid’s potential side effect may positively help alter the eventual course of the planetary climate change disaster, nothing can alleviate any of the dire predicaments facing us all today. (My wife and I are in our seventies with already underlying health weaknesses.)

Not forgetting Sunnemo and the co-vividness of our dreams together.

PS: (9 Aug 2021) The 2011 Heather Horsley cover a global warming decoupled?


17 thoughts on “Not Forgetting SunNemo

  1. “Many gazed up into Klaxon’s undersky, shading their eyes from a newly radiant Sunnemo, in fact two Sunnemos as one had emerged from a blindspot to become each other’s ghost and symbolic of the love between Greg and Beth. Within the glowing skin of the master Sunnemo could be glimpsed the silhouette of the Angel Megazanthus itself slowly and repeatedly folding and unfolding its wraparound wings, a vast king in yellow, or a nesting mother-bird, or a token of a horror vision now made divine.” — Nemonymous Night

    SunNemo that eventually became Mount Core, or an invisible Corona just as Nemo is no-one?

    • Examples of ‘smell’ and ‘taste’ in ‘Nemonymous Night’….
      “… and even with her eyes closed as she concentrated on unthinking all her doubts, the smell of the smells continued to smell around her. And when the parents entered the room to find her, she had vanished!”
      “…he sensed a deeper undertaste or aftertaste even more insipid. He was savouring not so much the taste or drinkability for a deadened thirst but more the mental effects that sped to his brain in a direct socket-to-socket fashion from the tongue, or so it seemed.”


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