Resisting Proper Observation

FF60DC0C-1CCC-4388-AD83-B9FCE6F658BBSeriously, this is too good to describe, having read the first part, in one happy and sad sitting, so smooth, so entrancing, so moving from place to place in the emotions, adolescents with artificial consciousnesses powered by the indeterminate sun, such embodied consciousnesses on sale as friends for adolescents with real consciousnesses, I infer, one of the former being Klara as narrator in the AF store, in sight of the RPO Building if you as an AF are displayed in the store’s front window and rubbing shoulders with the other different brands of AF and often seeing the passers-by (some of them would-be customers), passers-by outside with human quirks, a scenario so teeming with so much life out and in — with your accretive observational skills being learnt… but the book itself so far is somehow Resisting Proper Observation or Objectivity. It seems at first likely to become one’s book of a lifetime. And perhaps I shall know this for certain sooner or later. Or it’s a tantalisingly ungraspable gestalt, forever.

So I will try to remain abstemious with the content of this real-time review. Knowing it will come together whatever I otherwise think. You will buy it, I am sure, whatever I say.

As quoted from this first part of the book: “Because you know how lousy it feels, people telling you how perfect things will be and they’re not being straight.”

KLARA and THE SUN by Kazuo Ishiguro – my real-time review:

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