Lions of Numidia


“Too many Els to count.”

This third chapter explicitly happened during the yesterday of my own real-time, I note, viz. April 3rd. But it feels as if I started the book today, instead, as I am, in simultaneous serendipity, reading and real-time reviewing ‘The Sot-Weed Factor’ (1960) alongside its newly discovered kindredness with the ‘house of Leaves’ (2000). Learning, in the former, a few days ago, much about twins in its truly momentous PANDECT OF GEMINOLOGY (meticulously and extensively reproduced in full here) and, today, reproduced here, about the shared dreams of twins including their childhood belief in the ‘Dreamer of the World’ and ‘the lions of Numidia’ — note, the mention of Narnia in this Johnstone chapter as if inadvertently or preternaturally aware of my reading habits today on April 4th. Meanwhile, this chapter is intensely captivating about El and Cat as ‘mirror twins’ in childhood and this recouped eponymous house in Scotland, and the world of stories it once contained, perhaps contains still, viz. the nature of their mother, grandfather et al. So, this Mirrorland HOUSE is promising to become a special book, uniquely unique and synergous at the same time! — as well as evolving a singularity of twins.

Mirrorland – Carole Johnstone

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