THE STRANGERS and other writings

Aickman’s Heirs

Many references to Aickman in my real-time reviews of The Magic Mountain and The Inmates

Earlier real-time thoughts on Aickman

My real-time review of  The Hospice as part of the VanderMeers’ ‘The Weird’

AICKMann – incudes a RTR of ‘Into the Wood’

Year’s Best Weird Fiction 3

and countless references to Aickman in my general real-time reviewing of other books


The Aickman Islands (The River Runs Uphill etc)

John Magwitch’s Thesis on Robert Aickman & Cannibalism and HERE

The Hospice – before making the connection with Thomas Mann

Main TLO Aickman discussion thread to which I contribute


“So eat up your mört, Margaret, and take no notice of all these gloomy thoughts.”


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