The Garb of Age

GARBAGE by Steve Rasnic Tem

“Sometimes when he was cleaning his ears, digging at the deep places, he’d hear a pop and he was sure he’d broken through—he could feel stray bits of song and old conversation slipping out, along with a few names, always a few names in the leakage.”

This is undoubtedly the most brilliant example of a description of dementia, this one a tragicomic portrait of an ageing married couple, from the POV of the husband, as it accumulates in forgetfulness and the good intentions gone crazy as engendered by the patchy longevity of a relationship, accumulating towards ludicrous levels of garbage in and out of the mind. I of all people simply know that this description is brilliant, because my wife and I have already started on this path (speak for yourself, she says!)4C402EFF-DA88-4F22-9F20-05D6F69DCA11
Meanwhile, my own POV points to my review above of the previous story, and, yes, maybe this one, too — and, indeed, the growing Gestalt of all my reviewing over the last ten years or so — seeming to form an intrinsic part of such a process. No irony felt. My lifelong interest in the Intentional Fallacy, notwithstanding. Or any harvest child still surviving within me.

From my on-going review here:

Twice-Told – A Collection of Doubles



Edited by C.M. Muller

Stories by Tim Jeffreys, Clint Smith, Patricia Lillie, Chris Shearer, Shannon Lawrence, Charles Wilkinson, Craig Wallwork, David Peak, Jason A. Wyckoff, Esther Rose, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jack Lothian, Gordon B. White, Nina Shepardson, Timothy B. Dodd, Farah Rose Smith, Tom Johnstone, Jess Landry, C.C. Adams, Tim Major, J.C. Raye, Erica Ruppert.

In due course, I intend to read this book, and when I do, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…