The Neo-Decadent Cookbook


Edited by Brendan Connell & Justin Isis

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Work by Brendan Connell, Justin Isis, Ross Scott-Buccleuch, David Rix, Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze, Jason Rolfe, Daniel Corrick, Colby Smith, Jessica Sequeira, Quentin S. Crisp, Damian Murphy, Douglas Thompson, Ursula Pflug, Lawrence Burton.

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7 thoughts on “The Neo-Decadent Cookbook

    by Brendan Connell and Justin Isis


    To wake WITHIN a dream is the co-vivid dream itself that we all seem to be experiencing during 2020, and I wonder whether food, as described here, is the neo-decadent SYMBOL for such real-unreal, disturbing, potentially healing dreams, a Jungian ark (see my review here earlier today)? A possible example is Rishi’s recent eat-out-to-help period in the UK bolstering such a phenomenon.
    Are there other examples of this worldwide “IN THE LAPS OF IMPROVISED GODS”?

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  2. THE BIAS OF AFFINITY by Ross Scott-Buccleuch

    “Release the repast from the confines of the recipe!”

    This fine modernistic poem deals, inter alios, with ‘vagus villainy’ — a danger to digestion as well as to the heart, I believe. This poem also happens to be in mutual synergy with the food fantasies of ‘famished’ by anna vaught that, miraculously, I have somehow already been real-time reviewing here. I would not be surprised if there were not more mutual synergies to come between this cookbook and ‘famished’.


    A delightful Rixian gem of a Sculpture garden in the middle of East London in an oasis between the concrete buildings, with elephant statues, and two people who share it and look after it as well as concocting liqueurs from herbs to imbibe on board the equally creatively painted Narrow Canal Boats, one called Eibonvale.
    Delightful till the Despoilers came.
    As an aside, I have always been convinced that the name Eibonvale derives from Lovecraft. But did I dream that? A google quest just now produced nothing. (Lovecraft would potentially have been another good name for at least one of this story’s particular Narrow Boats).

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